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Three things you should NEVER do when dismissing a poor performer

by , 28 October 2013
No matter what the reason, you must follow the correct procedure when dismissing employees. This principle applies even when you dismiss an employee for poor performance. But do you know what NOT to do when dismissing a poor performer? Read on to find out so you can avoid paying 12 to 24 months' salary as compensation!

There are certain things you should never do when sacking an employee for poor performance.

Do you know what these are?

Here's what NOT to do dismissing an employee for poor performance

#1: Don't assume you know the reason for poor performance

Go into every meeting with an open mind and encourage frank and open discussion. Keep in mind that your employee may have serious personal and work-related issues and may find it very difficult to talk to his immediate managers.

Don't lose a valued employee because of incorrect assumptions.

#2: Don't go into the meeting believing the outcome will be termination

'Hidden agendas become clear, very quickly because you won't be open to listening and won't encourage your employee to talk. This could lead to an allegation of unfair labour practice later as it's unlikely your employee would voluntarily agree to the termination,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

#3: Don't leave it too late

The longer you delay the discussion with a problematic employee, the more serious the problem will become. And it'll be harder to resolve it.

Although it's difficult to confront conflict, you're more likely to be successful if you deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Remember to make sure your employee signs a termination agreement. There should be some consensus between you and your employee that there's no other solution but to terminate.

If you both agree and sign a proper termination agreement and steer clear of the above mentioned, you'll be able to avoid any possibility of the employee referring a dispute to the CCMA later.

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Three things you should NEVER do when dismissing a poor performer
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