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Tired of telling your employee to get off Facebook? Here's how you can get rid of him

by , 21 April 2016
How many times have you walked past an employee mucking about on Facebook instead of working? And how many times have you asked him only to do this during his lunch hour or after work?

Are you now blue in the face and sick of asking?

There's a way you can dismiss him for not listening to you. It's progressive discipline and here's how to use it….

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5 Steps to get rid of an employee who ignores you
The first step is to verbally reprimand him. But since you've already covered this by asking him repeatedly to stop this behaviour. You can move on to step 2.
Just keep detailed notes on file about the conversation, in case you need to take further action.
Step 2. Give him a written warning
If you catch him again, give him a written warning. You can classify his behaviour as not listening to your reasonable and fair instruction. Tell him if you catch him on Facebook at work again you'll give him a final written warning. Explain that if he doesn't stick to your rules, and stop messing about on Facebook during office hours, you can and will dismiss him.
Put a copy of the warning in his personnel file. Get him to sign it so he's completely aware of what you're saying.
Step 3. Still ignoring you? Still catching him on Facebook? Give him a final written warning
And now, if you catch him again, you can give him a final written warning. Include copies of the previous warnings. Include a time frame that says if you catch him again within 6 months, for example, it will lead to dismissal.
Read on for the next 2 steps in progressive discipline and how to use them when your employee just won't get off Facebook!
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5 Steps continued….
So… It's 2 days later and you catch him again. It's time to put an end to this relationship…
Step 4. Set up time to explain you're terminating the employment
Notify HR if you don't have final firing authority. Show them all the proof you have – and set up time for a disciplinary hearing.
Step 5. It's time to set the employee free – formally terminate his employment
Only after you take all these steps, and have a disciplinary hearing, should you go ahead with firing your employee. This way you'll know you gave him every chance to listen to you and give up his addiction to Facebook on your time.
And, as long as you document your entire progressive discipline process, you'll be safe against any unfair dismissal claims from this serial Facebooker! And just remember: There's no minimum time frame here – if you catch your employee 5 times in one day, you can start and finish this process in 24 hours!
For more on Progressive Discipline and how to implement it in different situations, get your Labour Law for Managers Handbook now! 
P.S. You need to make sure your employees aren't wasting your valuable time on Facebook… Use our social media policy!

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Tired of telling your employee to get off Facebook? Here's how you can get rid of him
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