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Two simple strategies to effectively deal with workplace desertion

by , 11 May 2016
Here's the scenario: An employee of yours has not come to work for several days now, and in that space of time he's made no effort to contact you with a valid explanation.

In a situation like this, the chances are, he's deserted you. And you'll probably want to dismiss him.

But unfortunately, it's not that simple!

You see, it's up to you to prove it was actually his intention to desert you. And this can pose a bit of a problem when trying to effectively deal with workplace desertion.

This is, of course, unless you implement the following two strategies in your workplace...

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Strategy#1: Include a desertion clause in all of your employment contracts:
This clause must clearly state that the employee has an obligation to notify you of any unauthorised absence from work. And that he must provide you with adequate reasons for it, as well as proof of those reasons.

Also, make sure the contract clearly states that if he doesn't contact you within a certain period of time, after being absent, you'll consider it as desertion.
Strategy#2: Include desertion in your disciplinary code

Make sure your disciplinary code clearly lays out exactly what your response to an employee's unauthorised absence will be.

By doing this, it will help ensure you handle all workplace desertion cases the same way, which will guarantee fairness and equality.

*These two strategies are a great way to help you deal with workplace desertion effectively. So be sure to implement them in your own workplace.

To learn more on workplace desertion, go to Chapter D 18: Desertion in your Labour Law for Managers handbook.

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Fact: The CCMA doesn't care why you dismissed an employee... It only wants to know if you dismissed him fairly

And if you didn't do it fairly, you could have to pay him up to 12 months' salary!

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Two simple strategies to effectively deal with workplace desertion
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