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Updating your company's disciplinary code? Keep these six points in mind

by , 09 September 2014
A disciplinary code is a document that regulates discipline in the workplace.

With a good disciplinary code in place, you can manage relations efficiently. This in turn allows you to get satisfactory conduct and the work performance you're entitled to. At the same time, employees feel that you're treating them fairly because the disciplinary code protects them from arbitrary disciplinary action.

Because we're certain you already have a disciplinary code, today we're going to tell you about the six points you need to keep in mind when you update your company's disciplinary code.

Read on to find out what these points are so you can ensure your code remains effective.

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Keep the following six points in mind when you update your company's disciplinary code

#1: You have the right to take appropriate disciplinary steps against any worker who acts in a manner that is contrary to the code of conduct.

#2: The disciplinary code must recognise your employee's right to a fair hearing and applicable, appropriate and just disciplinary action.

#3: The emphasis of any disciplinary system must be on prevention, justice and rehabilitation.

#4: You must ensure your employees are aware of the standards of acceptable behaviour that you expect from them.

#5: You must ask your employees to sign the disciplinary code as soon as you employ them or when you update it.

#6: The disciplinary code is a guideline. Its interpretation must be flexible and adjust to various circumstances.

Well there you have it: To ensure your company's disciplinary code remains effective, make sure you keep these points in mind when you update it.

If you need more information on disciplinary codes, check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

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Updating your company's disciplinary code? Keep these six points in mind
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