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Use this five point checklist to ensure you promote your employees fairly

by , 15 April 2013
There are two ways to promote an employee fairly. This first one is if the promotion is part of his career development plan. This means he moves up the ladder into a position more senior than his own, once he's proven himself capable of doing so. The second one is if a vacancy opens up in your company and he's promoted. Failure to follow a fair procedure in arriving at your decision to promote may result in you being found guilty of an unfair labour practice. Here's a checklist you can use to ensure you always promote fairly.

If your employee feels your reason for promoting another employee instead of him was unfair, they may lodge a claim against you. And it's likely to be on the basis that you committed an unfair labour practice regarding promotion.

That's why it's important you ensure you follow a fair procedure when promoting to avoid being dragged to the CCMA.

This five point checklist will help you promote employees fairly

  1. Don't discriminate unfairly against employees. 'Focus on the actual requirements of the job and not on irrelevant factors such as gender or sexual preference. If race is used, make sure you have a proper affirmative action plan in place to guide you,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.
  2. Follow your company's procedures for promotion, like first advertising for vacancies internally.
  3. If you've groomed an employee for a particular position, make sure you haven't promised others that they'd also be eligible for the position.
  4. Ensure your promotion decisions aren't dishonest, irrational or arbitrary.
  5. 'Although it isn't a legal requirement, a short note regretting the application is advisable. If you decide to give reasons, be honest in your feedback,' Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

Using this checklist when promoting your employees will ensure you're protected against unfair labour practice claims at the CCMA.

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Use this five point checklist to ensure you promote your employees fairly
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