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You have to fire someone. How do you do it legally?

by , 27 February 2015
You can't be born with skills for firing people. And it's never an easy job, no matter how often you'll have to do this during your career or while developing your own business.

I remember how a very good friend of mine told me how he would often give up his own salary so that he could pay the salaries to his employees and how he found it terribly hard to fire some of them who proved unsuitable for the job.

His business was not thriving and his decisions proved right even though at that moment he wondered if he was making the right choice.

Have you ever had to fire someone? Did you find the experience of dismissal difficult? Here are some things you may find useful next time you're in this situation.

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Dustin McKissen, Vice President at First Resource, explains how being in charge can be difficult at times and how you can find an easier way through it.

He tells how, at some point, he had to fire his own brother. But the experience taught him something very important.

He admits loving the feeling of being important. And, if you think about it, don't you get the same feeling whenever you are being trusted or given responsibility?

This is also how many companies develop great teams, offering responsibility to each of the members.

But McKissen also says that although he felt that way, the most important thing was that when you fire someone you should definitely do it right and with compassion.

Because getting fired can be a traumatising experience especially in a situation where the person has worked in the company for several years.

Any situation like this should be treated with care and with attention to the other person's feelings even though it doesn't sound politically HR. It is not, but because it's something more important. It is human.

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You have to fire someone. How do you do it legally?
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