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If you still want to give back in the spirit of Mandela Day, consider these 13 tax exempt donations

by , 21 July 2014
At this time of year, the spirit of giving is strong as everyone tries to echo the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Even companies are getting in on the action.

The trouble is that your generosity could trigger donations tax. This means SARS will make you pay tax on 20% of the value you donate.

But, there are 13 donations you can make that SARS won't charge you extra tax on...

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Here are the 13 tax exempt donations

It's tax exempt if you make a donation: 
2. To recreational clubs.
3. To pension, provident and preservation funds.
4. To, or for, the benefit of any traditional council, traditional community or any tribe.
5. To the government in the national, provincial or local sphere.
6. To certain institutes, boards or bodies that do scientific, technical or industrial research.
7. To political parties registered under S15 of the Electoral Commission Act.
8. To body corporate, share block companies and associations that run off levies from memberships and shareholders.
9. Under and in pursuance of a Trust.
10. By a company to another one that's a member of the same organizational group.
11. That you cancel within six months of making it.
If you make a donation to an organisation that you then find out is fake and you manage to get your money back, SARS won't tax you.
12. That is included in the gross income or capital gain of the donee.
13. That consists of a right to use property for farming.
If your company makes any of these donations you can escape donation tax and in the case of number six, even get a tax deduction. 
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If you still want to give back in the spirit of Mandela Day, consider these 13 tax exempt donations
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