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10 Areas you MUST address to comply with EE to avoid hefty penalties

by , 18 August 2015
There are certain areas that designated employers simply have to address in order to comply with the Employment Equity Act. No discretion is allowed in these areas. If you don't, the Department of Labour can fine you up to R2.7 million or as much as 10% of your turnover. This punishment could severely hamper your business.

So take note of these 10 key areas you must comply with...

1. You must consult with your employees on carrying out an EE analysis. You must also discuss the preparation and implementation of your EE Plan. Lastly, you must consult on reporting to Government.
2. You must actually draft and implement the EE Plan.
3. You must report to Government each year by the 1st of October for manual submissions and by the 15th of January (following the 1st of October) for electronic submissions.
4. You must publish your EE Plan for all your employees to see. 
5. You must draft a 'successive' EE Plan for when your previous one expires. 

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6. Appoint a senior manager whose job it is to oversee the whole EE process.
7. You must inform your staff about Employment Equity as well as your plan to implement it. 
8. Keep all records that relate to your EE process.
9. Submit an 'Income Differential Statement'. 
10. You must comply with a Director General review. 
So there you have it – 10 key areas that you must address in order to comply with Employment Equity. 
But there's still a lot more to be learned around EE! So don't wait to be caught out!

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10 Areas you MUST address to comply with EE to avoid hefty penalties
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