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10 areas your AA measures should cover in your EE Plan

by , 23 March 2016
As a designated employer, you must have an EE Plan in place.

And one of the main elements of your EE Plan are the Affirmative Action Measures.

These show what measures you're taking in order to increase the opportunities of previously disadvantaged people in your company.

In order to ensure that your EE Plan has effective affirmative action measures, cover the following 10 areas...


Don't let the new Employment Equity amendments be the reason the DoL comes after you

There are still many employers who don't know exactly what the new 26 amendments are or even how to apply them.

If you employ more than 50 people or if your turnover is over the Employment Equity Act threshold for your industry, you need to comply
with each and every one of them.

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Area#1: Appointment of members from designated groups

This would include transparent recruitment strategies such as:

·          unbiased selection criteria;
·         Unbiased selection panels; and
·         Targeted advertising.

Area#2: Furthering diversity in the workplace

You should promote an atmosphere of cultural sensitivity, tolerance and respect in the workplace.
Area#3: Increasing the pool of available candidates

For example:

·         Community investments; and

·         Bridging programmes;

Can help people obtain the required education and skills to make them employable.
Area#4: Training and development for people from designated groups

These measure can include:

·         The promotion of access to training by people from designated groups;

·         Structured training and development programmes being set in place. For example, you could introduce learnerships and internships;

·         Mentoring and coaching on the job; and

·         Where relevant, diversity training, as well as training on mentoring and coaching for managers.

Area#5: Promotion of people from designated groups

This could form part of your succession and experience planning, and could also include accelerated training.
Area#6: Steps to make sure that the corporate culture of the past is transformed

Steps to achieve this could include programmes that explain and contextualise the concept of Employment Equity so as to create greater understanding and sensitivity among employees in the workplace.

*Page over to chapter E 04 in your Labour Law for Managers handbook to learn what the other 4 areas are.

Otherwise click here if you don't already have your copy of this invaluable resource.  

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10 areas your AA measures should cover in your EE Plan
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