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A policies and procedures checklist to make sure you're in line with the EEA

by , 14 August 2015
As an employer who operates in South Africa you have to comply with the requirements of Section 2 of the Employment Equity Act.

And our labour and hr experts have discovered one of the main reasons employers fail to comply, is their company policies and practices are incorrect.

You have to review your company policies and practices to make sure you're compliant with the Employment Equity Act.

Here's a check list of how to do this so you don't pay a heavy fine for non-compliance...

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If you employ more than 50 people or if your turnover is over the Employment Equity Act threshold for your industry, you need to comply with each and every one of them.

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Checklist: Review the following policies:

❑ Recruitment procedures, advertising and selection criteria;
❑ Appointments and the appointment process;
❑ Job classifications and grading;
❑ Remuneration, employment benefits and terms and conditions of employment;
❑ Job assignments;
❑ The working environment and facilities;
❑ Training and development;
❑ Performance evaluation systems;
❑ Promotions;
❑ Transfers;
❑ Demotions;
❑ Disciplinary measures other than dismissal; and
❑ Dismissals.

Use this checklist to make sure the above mentioned policies are reviewed and compliant with the EEA.


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A policies and procedures checklist to make sure you're in line with the EEA
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