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Are you an Employment Equity offender?

by , 25 May 2016
Are you an Employment Equity offender?Do you have:

- A Senior Manager taking responsibility for Employment Equity in your company;
- Staff training programs on HIV/Aids in the workplace, cultural sensitivity and sexual harassment; and
- Valid reasons why you're not achieving Affirmative Action targets and goals?

If you don't, it's an offence under the Employment Equity Act. And the Department of Labour will fine you up to R2.7 million or 10% of your turnover for every instance of non-compliance (Schedule 1 of the EE Act)!
But these are just three of the offences you could be committing. There are six more that you need to know about.
Read on to find out about the other six EE offences you could be committing, that will put you in the DoL's firing line.
And how to avoid them…
Six more EE offences the DoL will fine you for
Here are the other offences you need to know about:
  1. Not having an EE Plan;
  2. Not having a consultative forum or not consulting appropriately in term of the requirements of the Act;
  3. Not conducting a workplace analysis;
  4. Not identifying and implementing Affirmative Action measures;
  5. Not setting realistic EE targets and goals;
  6. Not submitting an EE report; and
If you're committing any of these offences, the DoL could take you to court like these other companies.
Keep reading below to find out how to avoid these fines…

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