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As of 1 August the new EE regulations have ALSO been promulgated! Find out what they are.

by , 22 August 2014
As of 01 August the new EE regulations have also been promulgated!

You're probably feeling a bit of EE overload at this stage but with the minimum penalty for non-compliance at a staggering R1.5 million, I really want to keep you abreast of everything happening on the EE front at the moment.

It was great to see so many of you at the EE Amendment Act and EE Plan Workshops this week and judging from the feedback, we really helped you get your companies on track to becoming EE compliant. But… Just when you thought you had it all covered, there's a new piece of legislation that must also be fully understood to ensure that you remain one step ahead of the Department of Labour inspector.
Over 70 pages of EE Regulations effective from 1 August 2014
In February 2014, new draft EE Regulations (EEA1, EEA2 – The EE Report; EEA3, EEA4 – Income Differential Report, etc.) were published for comment. These draft EE Regulations were promulgated in Government Gazette No. 37873 and came into effect on 01 August 2014 (along with the Employment Equity Amendment Act). They'll have a huge effect on how companies plan for, implement and report on EE – and preparing for EE is now going to be a lot tougher going forward.

The EE regulations are arguably more critical than the EE Act itself as they contain the rules, regulations, templates, formats, detail – and assessment criteria – that you need to comply with when doing EE. 

And there's over 70 pages of these regulations that you now need to fully understand and comply with.

I've always try keep you ahead of the game, so we've put together a half-day seminar to take you through all the key information contained in the new regulations. I'll explain it all to you in the same clear, concise and interactive way you've found so helpful over the past few years. 

I'll personally be there to give you all the information, tools, guidance and advice you'll need to not only get 100% EE compliant, but also to stop the Labour Inspector from dipping into your hard-earned coffers. I'm running it in Durban and Cape Town as well.

Email your name, EE Regulations Workshop and province to seminars@fsp.co.za now, come to the workshop and get ahead in EE. It couldn't be simpler! 

I look forward to seeing you there! 

Until next time,

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Janine Nieuwoudt
Editor-in-chief - Practical Guide to Human Resources Management

P.S. I'm looking forward to coming to Cape Town and Durban too, so email your province with your details to seminars@fsp.co.za and you'll be the first to know when! 


The ONE checklist that'll show you if you're complying with all 26 changes to the Employment Equity Act...

by Rachel Paterson, Business Publisher, FSPBusiness.co.za

On the 16th January 2014, the DoL announced 26 new amendments to the Employment Equity Act you must comply with. And from 01 August 2014, you have to comply with thhem!

These 26 amendments affect the way you:
  • Recruit new staff...

  • Train staff...

  • Pay your employees...

  • Do your EE reporting...

  • Do your EE plans...

  • And dozens of other areas of work you probably think EE doesn't effect.

If you don't comply with them, the DoL will be on your case. In fact, the DoL could fine you 10% of your turnover or up to R2.7 million!

Find out how to avoid this here... 


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As of 1 August the new EE regulations have ALSO been promulgated! Find out what they are.
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