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August is Women's Month: Is your business doing its EE duties?

by , 02 August 2013
August is women's month, and the perfect time to revise your business' Employment Equity policies and procedures. Here are the main steps you need to take to make sure your EE is flawless, and your workplace is free from discrimination.

Employment Equity may be the last thing on your mind as a busy manager. But did you know that if your EE practices and policies aren't up to scratch, you could be fined up to R900 000 or taken to the CCMA?

Here are some tips from Labour Law for Managers how to make sure your company's employment equity is rock solid

1. Ensure all your staff are educated and trained on the EE Act. Educate them in small groups so there is time and space to ask questions. Make sure both new and existing employees know their rights and what constitutes discrimination.

2. Make sure you have an active and informed EE committee. If the EE committee doesn't know the EE Act and your company's EE policy inside and out, they will be ineffectual at their jobs.

3. Make sure your Employment Equity manager is a committed senior member of staff. They must have the authority to make employment equity matters a priority in the greater scheme of the company.

4. Make sure your EE Plan has actionable goals and a rock solid sense of accountability. Not only is employment equity an EEA  requirement, but  it's a social responsibility to keep your business a source of empowerment.

If you have all these measures in place and keep them at the highest quality, you'll ensure your company's employment equity measures are worthy of celebration this Women's Month.

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August is Women's Month: Is your business doing its EE duties?
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