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Be careful what you say in a job advert... You could be disobeying the Employment Equity Act!

by , 05 November 2014
I think I'm starting to sound like a broken record... The Employment Equity Act Amendments this, and the Employment Equity Act that, but it's crucial you know how these changes affect your business! Another way it impacts your business is how you recruit new employees.

And when hiring you need to make sure an employee is 'suitably qualified' and your process is in line with the Employment Equity Act.

And according to the EEA, this means a person must have one or a number of the following:
1)      Qualifications;
2)      Prior learning;
3)      Relevant experience;
4)      Capacity to acquire the ability to do the job, within a reasonable time-frame.
You can exclude someone who doesn't meet the job requirements, but make sure you consider the above points first. In other words, don't reject someone who doesn't have, for example, Matric, if their employment history and experience shows that he's capable of meeting the job requirements. So let's have a look at putting together the perfect ad to make sure you only get the best possible candidates, and don't have to worry about unsuitable candidates applying.
Before you compile your ad, you must know what the job description is…


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Before you compile your ad, you must know what the job description is…
To draft the ideal job ad, you must have a job description of the position you're hiring for. This will show exactly the type of candidate you need to fill the position. And it'll also help stop 'chancers' from applying. 

So now, let's look at what you must include in your job ad…
Five essential elements of your job ad

1. The job title

2.The job description

3.State the minimum qualifications needed
4. Specify what skills and experience the applicant needs

5.Make sure you say if you're AA/EE compliant

Keep readng for other element you need to include...

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Other items to include in your ad
· What area the job is in;
· Working hours, if they aren't Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm;
· If they need to have transport or not;
· Your company details and contact details;
· What the package is. If you don't, you may get people earning more than you're willing to pay; and
· If you want them to submit anything extra with their CV. For example, a one-page letter motivation they're right for the position, copies of the qualification, etc.; and
· What the closing date for applications is.
So now, you know how to compile the best job ad, and avoid having to sift through countless CVs of people who don't qualify for the job.

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Be careful what you say in a job advert... You could be disobeying the Employment Equity Act!
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