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Changes to employment equity laws? Do you you know what to do?

by , 13 March 2013
Still struggling with implementing the latest employment equity changes in your company? Best you get cracking, as the Department of Labour presented its proposals to the National Assembly's labour committee yesterday. And the draft Employment Equity Amendment Bill is expected to come with 'significant' labour law changes, which will affect how companies handle employment equity issues. Here're two ways the Bill will change employment equity in the country.

Two years ago, the Commission of Employment Equity reported that whites still occupied 73.6% of top management positions in the country.
While employment equity has improved since then, progress is seen as slow, with the Western Cape scoring lowest on employment equity scores late last year. 
But it's no longer just local law that businesses have to worry about, as the draft Employment Equity Amendment Bill is expected to introduce far-reaching changes to the Act.
This will ensure South Africa's compliance with international labour standards, says Fin24.
Do all you can to prevent unfair discrimination on your company!
One of the main areas where you can anticipate a change is with unfair discrimination by employers based on terms and conditions of employment of employees doing the same work, similar work, or work of equal value.
Mamphela Ramphele says this is how BEE risks undermining a post-apartheid South Africa, reports the Mail & Guardian Online.
'If we train everybody properly, if we educate everybody properly; we will not need to count how many black heads there are,' says Ramphele in the article.
This is one way to avoid unfair discrimination in your company.
You can start incorporating skills development in your performance management process to prevent claims of unfair discrimination, says FSP Business.

It's a great way to get feedback from employees and check that they all have the required skills for the position - if not, train them!
Prepare yourself for more CCMA cases with the draft Employment Equity Amendment Bill!
Another change is that lower paid employees will be allowed to refer any discrimination claim to the CCMA for arbitration, without approaching a bargaining council first.
Make sure you comply with employment equity laws, because if you fail to prepare and implement your employment equity plan, you could be referred directly to the Labour Court for a fine! 
Click here for a reminder of what your employment equity plan should include…

With fines as high as R900 000 and the possibility of criminal charges, you seriously can't afford to be caught on the wrong side of the law when it comes to EE
Find out how to get it right the first time around…

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Changes to employment equity laws? Do you you know what to do?
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