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DA criticises the new Employment Equity regulations

by , 06 March 2014
Employment Equity is on everyone's lips at the moment, even political parties are having their say. And it's not pretty. Continue reading to find out what the Democratic Alliance (DA) is saying about the recently published employment equity regulations.

The DA is up in arms regarding the new Employment Equity (EE) regulations

On Monday, we reported that the Department of Labour (DoL) has published employment equity regulations for public comment.

This means everyone who wishes to comment on the regulations has less than 30 days to do so. And the DoL hasn't wasted anytime.

According to a BDlive report, the DA's labour spokesman Kenneth Mubu says the 'draconian regulations' would have a 'devastating' effect on job creation.

Are the EE regulations draconian?

We don't know about that. What we can tell you is that according to the draft regulations, companies that employ more than 150 people would have to use the 'national economically active population' demographics for three upper levels (top and senior management and professionally qualified). And an average of national and regional demographics for the three lower levels (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled technical) as a guide when determining targets, BDlive reports.

Companies that employ less than 150 people would have to use the 'national economically active population' demographics for two upper levels and an average of national and the regional demographic for four lower levels.

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So why is the DA so opposed to the draft EE regulations?

In the BDlive report, Mubu says: 'Instead of focusing on top-down quotas, the Department of Labour should be focused on building skills and capacity so that all previously disadvantaged South Africans can be genuinely empowered.'

He believes the draft regulations would have a major impact on employment in provinces such as the Western Cape, the Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal where provincial demographics are very different from the national figures.

He added that members of minority population groups such as the coloured and Indian community would be denied employment and promotion, and could even face retrenchment to allow employers to meet 'these skewed and arbitrary quotas'.

'These regulations will only serve to make our labour relations system more rigid and, in doing so, undermine job creation and economic growth,' says Mabu.

It remains to be seen if the DoL will consider these views especially considering that it's not only the DA that's expressed opposition to the regulations under the new Employment Equity Act. We'll keep you updated on any new developments regarding the EE Act.

The Employment Equity Act has changed!

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DA criticises the new Employment Equity regulations
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