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EE Audits: 2 Steps to conduct a quantitative analysis

by , 29 March 2016
As I'm sure you're fully aware, Section 19 of the Employment Equity Act says that you, as a designated employer, must carry out audits over Employment Equity in your workplace.

This can be done in the form of analyses.

Now, there are 2 categories of EE analyses, namely quantitative and qualitative analyses

Let's take a look at quantitative EE analyses...


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How to carry out a quantitative EE analysis:


Take a snapshot of your organisation and then determine the degree of under-representation within it.


From here, you should look for any gaps within your company, after which you should set targets. In other words, you must show how you're going to make your workforce more representative in relation to the demographics of the province you're in and, ultimately, the

NOTE: To know exactly what you should be basing these targets on, use Stats SA, which shows you the economically active population
locally as well as nationally.

You should set your targets for the next reporting year, as well as for the entire duration of your EE Plan. In other words, what your workplace's demographics will look like after 5 years.

TIP: The best way to do this analysis is to create a pie-chart for each occupational level. Don't forget to show the gender split within your company.

When you do this, you can compare them to the ­economically-active population on Stats SA, after which you'll be able to clearly identify any gaps.

Remember: Your targets must be realistic and achievable…

*To see 5 areas you must analyse to meet your targets, simply go over to Chapter E29: Employment Equity Audits, in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

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EE Audits: 2 Steps to conduct a quantitative analysis
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