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EE Audits: Here's how to carry out a qualitative analysis

by , 23 March 2016
Under Section 19 of the Employment Equity (EE) Act, all designated employers are required to carry out analyses, otherwise known as audits, on EE in their workplaces.

These analyses can be divided into two categories, namely quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Now while a quantitative analysis is fairly simple, a qualitative analysis is a little more complex.

Here's a rundown of how to conduct a qualitative analysis on EE in your workplace...


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A qualitative analysis consists of 2 steps. They are:
Step#1: Forensic approach

The first analysis is forensic in nature.

This is where you go through all your policies and procedures to ensure that they're up-to-date.

·         Any changes to policies;
·         Memos; and
·         Instructions.

Ensure that they're in line with current legislation.

When you go through all of this, you should check to see if there's anything that could create a discriminatory obstacle in the workplace.
Step#2: Focus on practices

The second analysis is around your practices.

You must analyse all your practices, procedures as well as your working environment to ensure that there are no barriers which prevent
you from reaching your targets, or prevent any member from a designated group from reaching their full potential.

Here you should seek to align your EE processes with your HR processes.

There are 4 options you can use in doing this, as suggested by the Code of Good Practice on the Integration of Employment Equity into Human Resources Policies and Practices.

They are:

·         One-on-one interviews with all your staff;
·         Surveys;
·         Questionnaires; and
·         Focus groups.

*Each one of these options can help you collect critical information during the EE analysis process.

To learn the details on each one of these 4 options, simply page over to Chapter E 29: Employment Equity Audits, in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

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EE Audits: Here's how to carry out a qualitative analysis
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