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Employment Equity Act: Do you know your duties when it comes to affirmative action?

by , 04 August 2014
The Employment Equity Act (EE Act) requires you to implement affirmative action measures for people from designated groups so you can achieve employment equity. Failure to do this will result in penalties of up to R2.7million!

Since that's a risk you can't afford to take, read on to find out what your duties are when it comes to affirmative action measures so you can be a progressive employer who's in line with the EE Act.


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Employment Equity Act: Here are your affirmative action duties

What exactly are affirmative action measures?

Affirmative action measures are any actions or initiatives you take to specifically give opportunities to those groups of people who were previously disadvantaged in terms of opportunities for employment.

Note: When the EE Act talks about people who were previously disadvantaged, it refers to them as 'designated groups'.

Affirmative action measures have been put in place to ensure suitably qualified employees from designated groups have equal employment opportunities and are equitably represented in all occupational levels of your workforce.

Your duties when it comes to affirmative action include:

#1: Identifying and eliminating barriers that could affect designated groups. In other words, conduct a workplace analysis to identify any policies or practices that favour one group over another.

#2: Promoting diversity. This means you must look at ways to attract people from previously disadvantaged groups, or look at things that will ensure their working environment is free from prejudice and unfair bias.

#3: Retaining, developing and training designated groups.

We've just scratched the surface. There's so much more to affirmative action measures. So be sure to check out the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service for a complete breakdown of your affirmative action duties so you can comply with the Employment Equity Act.


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Employment Equity Act: Do you know your duties when it comes to affirmative action?
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