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Employment Equity Act: Use these five tips to communicate your EE Plan effectively

by , 04 August 2014
The Employment Equity Act requires you to have an Employment Equity Plan (EE Plan) in your company.

But having an EE Plan isn't enough.

You must communicate your Plan effectively to achieve employment equity. Here are five tips you can use to do this so you can comply with the EE Act and avoid harsh penalties.


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You must prepare and implement an EE Plan to achieve employment equity

Your Plan must be realistic and achievable.

Your EE Plan must include:

  • The duration: Your Plan must not be shorter than one year, nor longer than five years.
  • The objectives for each year: You must outline what EE measures you're planning for each year of your Plan.

But having an EE plan isn't the end of your legal duties.

You must communicate your EE Plan properly. It makes no sense to have the perfect EE Plan that nobody in your workplace knows about.

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says you must provide suitable and comprehensive communication to all employees and stakeholders about your EE Plan.

Here are the five tips you can use to communicate your EE Plan effectively

Your EE communication brief must include:

1. Details of the people responsible for the implementation of the Plan;

2. Details of where they can get the information about the Plan;

3. The objectives and duration of the Plan;

4. The dispute resolution procedures; and

5. The roles and responsibilities of the role-players tasked with ensuring the success of the Plan.

Overall, information about your EE Plan must be easily accessible to all levels of employees.

Now that you know how to communicate your EE Plan effectively, comply with the EE Act.

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Employment Equity Act: Use these five tips to communicate your EE Plan effectively
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