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Warning: Government planning to reform labour laws yet again!

If you're still trying to get your head around the recent labour law amendments relating to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and the Employment Equity Act, we have news for you: Government wants to amend labour laws once more. This time, the amendments could be around strike action. [read more...]

What can you do about employees who didn't show up to work because of today's taxi strike?

It's a jungle in Jo'burg this morning. Not only is the heavy raining causing havoc on the roads, but thousands of workers are stranded due to today's National Taxi Alliance (NTA) strike. And that's bad news for your business. Here's what you need to know about how to handle employees who couldn't [read more...]

How to avoid a Miss SA type nepotism scandal in your workplace

There's a fresh scandal surrounding the Miss South Africa pageant. A few weeks back, news reports indicated that the general public wasn't happy with the choice of judges for the pageant. Now there's a rumours of t. And it's put the spotlight back on nepotism in the workplace. [read more...]

Employment Equity essentials: Use these three methods to identify high-potential PWDs

by , 06 August 2013
People with disabilities (PWDs) are a historically disadvantaged group. They're confronted with practical difficulties and attitudinal barriers, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. It's for these reasons that you must take steps to address this imbalance through your company's Employment Equity plan. Here are the three effective methods you can use to recruit PWDs with high-potential.

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, if you block the natural career progression of employees who are PWDs, you:

  • Lose out on valuable resources;
  • Send out a message that you don't care and aren't socially responsible;
  • Could be found guilty of direct discrimination on grounds of disability; and
  • Will fall short of your Employment Equity requirements.

But your company can avoid this if you make it your priority to realise the true potential of PWDs.

Here are three methods to spot top performing PWDs

Method#1: Use standardised methods to identify high potential employees

You should already have standardised methods like performance appraisals, internships and mentorship programmes in place. Make sure these are accessible to PWDs to assess their potential.

#2: Make 'talent spotters' aware of their responsibilities

Make sure line managers in your company and your HR department are aware of the need to fast-track high-potential PWDs to help redress historical imbalances in your workforce. This is crucial for your company to meet its employment equity requirements.

#3: Focus on the PWD's core duties

When it comes to PWDs, it's crucial to focus on the agreed core duties of the position.

Secondary duties shouldn't come into the picture, even if historically non-disabled employees in the same job have taken on these duties, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

Remember, while PWDs may be loyal, long-lasting employees who are seldom absent and deeply appreciate the value of having a job. It does no one any good if they sit for years in dead-end jobs and don't actualise their true potential.

So be sure to use these methods to identify high-potential PWDs that'll offer your company growth. And it'll help you fulfil your employment equity requirements too.

Labour and HR Club Top Question:

What does this Labour Court judgement mean for me?

Can you please indicated what the legal consequences are of the Labour Court case Fidelity Supercare Cleaning (Pty) Ltd v Busakwe No & Others (2010) 3 BLLLR 260 (LC), (Case number P301/08) Does the Labour Court case ... [see the answer]

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