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Five ways to make the Department of Labour your best friend

by , 03 August 2015
You must be tired of hearing about the Department of Labour's (DoL's) penalties for getting your Employment Equity (EE) submissions wrong.

I read thousands of pages everyday before writing to you... You'lll never guess what I discovered...

The truth is, the DoL isn't out to get you. It's not the 'monster' everyone thinks it is... It's job is simply to ensure you follow the rules and regulations set out by government.

So, I'm not going to bore you with threats about penalties. Instead, I'm going to show you the five essential items you must have in your EE report to keep the DoL on your good side.

If you get this right, the DoL will be like your best friend.


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Include these five items in your EE report and the Department of Labour will be your best friend!

1. Your current Employment Equity Plan
This is the signed copy of the current EE plan signed by the CEO. It's also a good idea to keep a copy of the previous Plans in the file, as well.

2. Employment Equity Committee Members
Keep a current list of EE Committee members on file. Remember to update the list each time a committee member is appointed or resigns.

3. Minutes of the EE Meetings
File these, as well as the attendance registers, in the EE file.

4. EEA1: Declaration by Employee
Keep these forms in the employees' personal file. It's a good idea to keep a copy of all existing employees' forms in the EE file so they're ready for inspection by the DoL.

5. EEA2: Report: Workplace Profile and Numerical Targets
The previous two years reports with proof of delivery to the DOL (As the information in the EEA4 Report: Income Differentials is often confidential, you should file this record separately.)

There are actually 12 items you need to include in your EE Report. Turn to chapter E03: Employment equity unfair discrimination to see all 12 items. You'll find this chapter in your Practical Guide to Human Resources. Click here if you don't have a copy yet.  

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Five ways to make the Department of Labour your best friend
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