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Four pieces of information the EE Act requires you to display in your workplace

by , 08 September 2014
In terms of the Employment Equity Act (EE Act), you have six duties as a designated employer. You must:

1. Implement Affirmative Action measures;
2. Consult with your employees;
3. Conduct an analysis of your policies and workplace profile;
4. Prepare an Employment Equity Plan;
5. Submit your Employment Equity Report; and
6. Display information regarding the EE Act in your workplace.

For the purposes of this article, we'll focus on duty number six because it's often overlooked by employers.

Keep reading to discover four pieces of information the EE Act requires you to display in your workplace so you can comply and avoid penalties that run into millions of rand.

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In terms of the EE Act, you must display this information in your workplace

#1: You must display a summary of the provisions of the EEA at your workplace where all employees can read it.

This notice must be in the prescribed form of the regulation EEA3.

That's not all.

You must also display the following in each of your workplaces and in prominent places accessible to all employees:

#2: The most recent report you submitted to the Director-General;

#3: Any compliance order, arbitration award or Order of the Labour Court that you have received on any employment equity matter; and

#4: A copy of your current Employment Equity Plan. You must make this document available to your employees for copying and consultation.

Be warned! If you fail to comply with this legal obligation, you'll face harsh penalties.

Failure to comply with the EE Act will result in these penalties

In this article, Janine Nieuwoudt, the Editor in Chief of the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management explains that if you don't comply with the EE Act:

  • You'll personally face fines of up to R30 000 per contravention; and
  • Your company will face fines from a minimum of R1.5 million or 2% of annual turnover to a maximum of R2.7 million or 10% of your turnover – per incidence of non-compliance, per provision!
Don't take chances; display these four pieces of information in your workplace.

Find out how to implement the new EE Act changes here.

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Four pieces of information the EE Act requires you to display in your workplace
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