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Here's what the Minister of Labour has to say about the amended EE Act

by , 05 August 2014
On Friday (1 August 2014), the Employment Equity Amendment Act 2013 came into effect.

One person who has been very vocal about the Act and the need for reform is Labour Minister, Mildred Oliphant.

Read on to find out what she's had to say about the amended EE Act so you can comply...

Here are the Labour Minister's views on the amended EE Act

The EE Act is aimed at implementing affirmative action measures and eliminating unfair discrimination in the workplace.
And recent amendments are seen as a positive step towards strengthening transformation.

According to the Labour Minister, despite the good intentions of the Employment Equity Act, 1998, which was passed 16 years ago, there's been a resistance to embrace transformation.

In an IOL report, the Minister said: 'The failure to embrace transformation necessitated the amendments to this Act in order to expedite the transformation of the labour market and to ensure full participation of all South Africans in the economy of this country.'

She added that the amendments are meant to contribute towards the restoration of human dignity and will address the 'persisting inequalities' experienced by the majority of South Africans as a result of apartheid laws.

The minister noted that out of all the amendments, the amendment calling for 'equal pay for work of equal value' is the most significant. She says this will help to address discrimination in salaries.


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The Labour Minister calls on you as an employer to comply with the EE Act and embrace transformation

Oliphant says she acknowledges that, 'strengthening enforcement mechanisms alone, including increasing fines, will not be sufficient to address issues of equality and affirmative action in the workplace and society as a whole.' As a result, she urges you (the employer) to engage on employment equity matters and embrace transformation in your workplace. So make sure you comply with the EE Act to achieve employment equity.


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Here's what the Minister of Labour has to say about the amended EE Act
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