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Here's why you MUST create a work environment that empowers women

by , 08 August 2014
It's Women's Day tomorrow.

The day marks the 1956 march in which South African women went to the Union Buildings to protest against pass laws.

The 9th of August also presents an opportunity to reflect on women empowerment in the workplace and the progress of women since that march.

Read on to find out why you must create a work environment that empowers women so you can comply with the Employment Equity Act (EE Act) and achieve employment equity.

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It's crucial that your work environment empowers women

The EE Act calls on you to implement employment equity. One way to do this is to empower women in your workplace.

The unfortunate thing is that not many companies are complying with this Act. Women are still marginilised in South African workplaces.

So you could say, there's not much to celebrate on Women's Day because 58 years after that march, women are still fighting for their rights, especially in the workplace.

This Women's Day, we call on you to comply with the EE Act by empowering women

Not only will empowering women help you comply with the EE Act, but your company will benefit as well.

Your employees will be more productive because they know you understand their needs and cater for them. They'll appreciate that you treat them the same way you treat their male counterparts.

You'll also get to keep these high performing employees. They won't leave if they know they work at a company that empowers them.

In fact, Lia Marus, the editor of HR Pulse says, 'women don't leave their jobs because they want to stay at home: They leave their jobs for better work environments where they have more control over their lives or careers.'

She says organisations that want to keep top female talent must work to understand women and their needs better.

Your work environment can do this by ensuring there's flexibility for men and women if they need:

  • Time to attend to children and household obligations; and
  • Career paths that are organic instead of linear.

Also, check out this article. It contains tips you can use to empower women.

Now that you know why you must create a work environment that empowers women, comply with the EE Act and achieve employment equity.

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Here's why you MUST create a work environment that empowers women
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