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How are you increasing employment opportunities in your company's EE Plan

by , 22 February 2016
As a designated employer, you need to have a valid EE Plan.

In your EE Plan, you must describe what steps you're taking to increase employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged people at your company. These are your affirmative action measures (Section 20, of the Employment Equity Act).

But many employers I've spoken to are struggling in this area.

So that's why I'm writing to you today. Read on for 4 affirmative action measures you can use in your EE Plan today...

What are affirmative action measures?

Before I give you the pointers to include in this section of your EE Plan, let's look at what affirmative action measures are.

Basically, they'll help you:

1. Identify and remove any barriers to designated groups;
2. Promote diversity; and
3. Retain, develop and train designated groups.

Read on for four pointers you can include in your EE Plan…
Four affirmative action measures you can include in your EE Plan today

To promote diversity in your company, The Code of Good Practice on the Preparation, Implementation & Monitoring of Employment Equity Plans suggests you include the following affirmative action measures:

1. Appoint members from designated groups
Implement transparent recruitment strategies such as appropriate and unbiased selection criteria and selection panels, and targeted advertising.

2. Further diversity
Promote cultural sensitivity. Your EE Plan must include how often you're going to do this.

3. Train and develop people from designated groups
Giving members of designated group's access to structured training and development programmes like learnerships and internships; on-the-job mentoring and coaching, and accelerated training for new recruits.

4. Put in steps to appoint members of designated groups
Appointing designated candidates in positions that they're able to meaningfully participate in business decision-making processes.


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How are you increasing employment opportunities in your company's EE Plan
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