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How the new Employment Equity Act amendments affect your Employment Equity Plans

by , 10 March 2014
There's a lot of confusion regarding the Employment Equity Act (EE Act), especially with the new changes in place. One of the issues that comes up is Employment Equity Plans. Read on to find out what the EE Act says about this so you can comply.

Everything you need to know about Employment Equity Plans

The Department of Labour's (DoL) website says that employers must have Employment Equity Plans (EE Plan).

The DoL says you must prepare and implement this plan as this will help you reach employment equity in your workplace.

The DoL goes on to say that your EE Plan must show:

  • Objectives for every year;
  • Affirmative action measures that will be implemented;
  • Where black people, women and people with disabilities aren't represented, you must show numerical goals to reach this, timetables and strategies;
  • Timetables for annual objectives;
  • The duration of the plan;
  • Procedures that will be used to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan;
  • Ways to solve disputes about the plan; and
  • People responsible for implementing the plan.



Your 6-step EE Plan.

Here's a checklist with 14 ways to comply with Employment Equity.


Here's why you need to know about drawing up EE Plans

Janine Nieuwoudt, Editor in Chief of the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says one of the biggest changes in the EE Act is in terms of EE Plans.

Nieuwoudt says now all designated employers are required to follow the same guidelines when it comes to drawing up EE Plans no matter their company size.

Click here to find out about the guidelines you must follow to draw up your EE Plan.

Remember that failure to comply with the EE Act could result in penalties ranging from R1.5million to R2.7million.Don't take that risk! Make sure you have an EE Plan in your workplace to address employment equity.

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How the new Employment Equity Act amendments affect your Employment Equity Plans
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