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NEWS: First ever EE Awards held. Stern warnings on non-compliance

by , 16 October 2015
As reported by SABC News, Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, said that inequality is still very much alive and well in many workplaces around the country.

He shared these words on Thursday 15th October at the country's very first Employment Equity Awards, in which the South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) won the overall public sector award and Pick 'n Pay won the overall private sector award.
Ramaphosa went on further to state employers have an obligation to promote and oversee adequate transformation in their workplaces, in order to bring about greater equality that is more reflective of the country's demographics.
"In many great companies, most of the low positions are occupied by black people and most of the senior positions are occupied by white people. This is the reality of our country; we have got to get to grip with it because it is bad…,' he said.

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While the goal of transformation isn't necessarily an easy one, the Deputy President went on to congratulate all those honoured at the event and praised them for making transformation in the workplace of a high priority.

In addition to these words, Labour Minister, Mildred Oliphant, dished out stern warnings to those businesses who don't comply with

Employment Equity (EE). She said that prosecution would follow any employer who didn't comply with employment equity laws in the past financial year.

'We are busy preparing a list of those companies who have not complied so that we can be able to submit it to the Labour Court.'
Non-compliance is viewed in a very serious light, and failure to realise this could cost your business dearly.


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NEWS: First ever EE Awards held. Stern warnings on non-compliance
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