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Part 2: Six more discriminatory selection practices you must avoid at all costs

by , 04 February 2014
It's unlawful to discriminate against job applicants. To make sure you're not guilty, steer clear of these six discriminatory selection practices.

In this article, we gave you nine discriminatory selection practices you must avoid in your workplace. Today, we're adding to this by giving you additional discriminatory selection practices.

Recruiting? Make sure you don't discriminate job applicants on these six grounds

#1: Sexual orientation. You're not allowed to discriminate against an applicant because he or she is homosexual or heterosexual.

#2: Age. You can never turn down an applicant because of his age.

#3: Disability. The Parliamentary Monitoring Group reports that according to Disabled People South Africa (DPSA), 'disabled people face a host of discriminatory practices, including human rights abuses, which are often not brought to the fore. [And] Attitudes and economic practices posed the greatest hindrance.'

This is wrong, it shouldn't be happening.

You can't discriminate against an applicant merely because he is disabled or ill. Many disabled people are efficient and able to work.

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Three more grounds you mustn't discriminate on..

#4: HIV status. Don't turn down an applicant because he has AIDS unless you can prove the illness is likely to be transmitted to other employees in the course of the work.

#5: Conscience. You're not allowed to reject an application from someone who is, for instance an anti-war protestor, simply because you're an armaments manufacturer.

#6: Language. The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says the mere fact that you're English speaking doesn't justify only hiring people whose home language is English.

But if, for example, you run an operation where it's an inherent requirement for your employees to speak Swahili, you can turn down applications from English speaking applicants who can't speak Swahili.

You would probably be able to specify this requirement in a recruitment advertisement, although the law doesn't specifically allow for it, says the Loose Leaf Service.

Now that you know all about discriminatory selection practices, make sure you avoid discriminating job applicants.

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Part 2: Six more discriminatory selection practices you must avoid at all costs
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