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Revealed: The reasons most companies get in trouble when it comes to employment equity

by , 06 August 2014
Government is serious about transformation in this country.

Laws like the Employment Equity Act (EE Act) are proof of this. The Act aims to promote equal opportunities and fair treatment for all workers through the removal of unfair discrimination. The Act also provides a framework for implementing affirmative action.

While the EE Act has good intentions, most companies don't comply with it. As a result, they get in trouble with the DoL and receive heavy fines.

Some of the main offences for which companies receive fines for include the following...

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This is why companies get in trouble with the Employment Equity Act

Companies get in trouble because they:

  • Don't appoint a Senior Manager to take responsibility for employment equity;

  • Don't have an EE Plan;

  • Don't have a consultative forum or they don't consult appropriately in terms of the Act's requirements;

  • Don't conduct a workplace analysis;

  • Don't identify and implement Affirmative Action measures;

  • Don't set realistic targets and goals;

  • Have no valid reason for not achieving Affirmative Action targets and goals;

  • Don't submit an EE report; and

  • Don't train staff on these three key areas: HIV/Aids in the workplace, cultural sensitivity and sexual harassment.

Our advice to you is: Comply with the EE Act at all costs and achieve employment equity in your workplace. As you know the Act has been amended. And one of the things government has done is increase noncompliance penalties. Penalties now range from R1.5 million to R2.7 million! So you're better off complying with the Act.


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Revealed: The reasons most companies get in trouble when it comes to employment equity
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