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The Code of Good Practice: How it guarantees equal payment for work of equal value

by , 09 June 2015
Last year, the Department of Labour published the draft Code of Good Practice for Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value. You should know that the Code of Good Practice gives guidelines to help you determine work of equal value.

Moreover, it promotes human resource policies, procedures and practices and job evaluation processes that will ensure there's pay equality in organisations.

So you should be aware of its content and make sure you make no mistakes when it comes to discrimination.

Moreover, take the recommended measures so that you reduce any differences in pay!

There are four key assessment criteria to check you're paying equal pay for work of equal value

To check if you're applying the equal pay for work of equal value rule in your workplace, look at these four key assessment criteria:

1. Are you comparing jobs that are the same, substantially the same or of equal value?
2. Is your assessment objective?
3. Is there a difference in terms and conditions of employment, including remuneration in the jobs you're comparing?
4. If there are differences in the terms and conditions of employment, can you justify them on fair and rational grounds?

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Take steps to reduce the differences in pay if you find any

For example:

Agnes and Dorothy (the cleaning staff) do similar jobs. Agnes works very hard and she often helps Peter if she has spare time. Dorothy, on the other hand, regularly comes to work late and there are often complaints that she doesn't clean properly. You must deal with both issues through the Performance Management Process.

These issues don't affect the relative value of the cleaning jobs themselves. The code specifically asks you as an employer to make sure that job assessments are fair and objective. Especially where a particular race or gender dominates.

And keep in mind that you evaluate the job and not the employee!

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The Code of Good Practice: How it guarantees equal payment for work of equal value
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