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The Employment Services regulations are soon to be published

by , 24 February 2015
Breaking news: The Employment Services Bill and Employment Services regulations are soon to be published. More precisely, as Labour Minister Mildred Olifant announced, the regulations will be published as soon as they have been ratified. Here's what this means.

After the Labour Relations Amendment Bill, the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill and the Employment Equity Amendment Bill, The Employment Services Bill is the fourth piece of labour legislation submitted by the Department of Labour and adopted by the National Assembly during 2013,  notes bizcommunity.com.

One of the main objectives refers to the repositioning of public employment services as a way to enhance the creation of secure and decent employment. Also, it is hoped to help promote employment preservation and ultimately provide a sustainable livelihood to all workers, according to the actual content.

When it comes to its strategic objectives, these should be followed through with the help of theDepartment of Labour which will establish to provide free employment services to citizens (registration of job seekers, registering of placement opportunities, referral to training, and career information).

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Moreover, once signed into law, the Minister of Labour will have permission to introduce schemes to promote the employment of unemployed work seekers, particularly unemployed youth; to assist employees facing retrenchment to remain in employment; and to promote the rehabilitation and re-entry into employment those employees who have been injured on duty or who have contracted an occupational disease.

According to the previously mentioned source, regulations under the Bill may even require an employer to register vacancies in specified categories of work. Moreover, private employment agencies providing certain services in the private sector can also anticipate regulation under the Employment Services Act, in order to protect vulnerable workers.

With the exception of section 13 dealing with the registration and regulation of private employment agencies, The Employments Services Act will come into force from 1 April 2015.

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The Employment Services regulations are soon to be published
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