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The new EE Regulations are in affect from 1 August!

by , 22 August 2014
I've just had a conversation with one of my clients about the new EE Regulations. He was under the impression that because he attended an EE Amendment Act Workshop earlier this year, he had everything he needed to implement EE compliantly.

Well, yes - and no!

The draft regulations that were published for comment in February this year have been amended and updated. They now contain more detailed information and requirements than the draft did.

For example, some provisions that were tabled in the draft regulations have been completely scrapped from the recently promulgated EE Regulations.

Many of you will recall the outcry when the draft regulations required companies with more than 150 employees to compare top management, senior management and professional & mid-management occupational levels to the national demographic data for those same levels. And smaller companies had to compare their top two tiers against the national data too. All other levels had to be compared to the average between the national and regional demographics!

What a nightmare that was! Well, logic has prevailed (in this instance, at least) and those provisions have been scrapped. But there were other changes too.

Keep reading to find out what they are...


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The EE Regulations are more prescriptive than ever in terms of both how you plan for EE and how you implement it in your company! 

There are now very specific requirements for how you do your EE analyses and a very specific way that you must do your EE Plan. In addition, the new EE Regulations now stipulate detailed assessment criteria that a Department of Labour official will use to determine if you're doing EE properly or not.

Your company could face penalties of up to R2,7 million or 10% of your revenue turnover if you aren't applying EE correctly, and in a way that meets the new EE Regulations requirements! 

What this ultimately means, is that unless you fully understand all the details contained in the new EE Regulations, you may still end up non-compliant, even if you base your EE endeavours on the EE Act and its amendments.

I guess you could say that the EE Act is like the theory of EE, whereas the EE Regulations are about applied EE – the actual 'doing' of EE.

Let me help you to make sense of the new EE Regulations and get you and your company on the path to full compliance. Book your seat at the EE Regulations 2014 Workshop now! Avoid those hefty penalties and don't let even one penny of your hard-earned cash fall into the Department of Labour's hands.

Come to the workshop and get everything you need to apply EE correctly in your company. It couldn't be simpler! Not only will we slash R500 off the price if you book now, but we're coming to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town!

Click here to book your seat or email seminars@fsp.co.za for more information!

I'm ready for all the recent changes that EE has brought – are you?

Until next time,

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Janine Nieuwoudt

Editor-in-chief - Practical Guide to Human Resources Management

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The new EE Regulations are in affect from 1 August!
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