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There are five areas the amended EEA requires you to look at to ensure you're not discriminating

by , 25 September 2014
The amended Employment Equity Act (EEA) came into effect on 1 August 2014.

One of the things the Act calls on you to do is to look at certain areas to ensure you're not discriminating in your workplace.

Keep reading to discover the five areas you must look at so you can comply with the Act and avoid fines of up to R2.7 million!

Look at these five areas to ensure you're not discriminating, says the amended EEA

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, new requirements in the amended EEA mean you have to start assessing how your company is doing things, especially in terms of potential unfair discrimination.

This means, you must start looking into areas like:

#1: Recruitment practices

For example, look at:
  • Whether or not your hiring procedures are fair;
  • How you determine citizenship; and
  • Your affirmative action initiatives (i.e. where / how you'll find potential employees from previously disadvantaged groups, how you select potential employees, are your EE targets and goals driving your recruitment efforts?)
#2: Demographics

Here, you must look at if you're actually bringing previously disadvantaged groups into your business.

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#3: Remuneration

You must, for example, look at if you can explain the income differentials between the occupational levels in your organisation as well as between employees who are doing the same work or work of an equal value.

#4: Terms and conditions of employment

You must look at the criteria you use to determine who gets what from your company.

#5: Management practices

You must, for example, look at:
  • If your managers know what constitutes unfair discrimination; and
  • If they know the consequences for derailing your company's EE efforts.
To comply with the amended EEA, look at these areas to ensure you're not discriminating.

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There are five areas the amended EEA requires you to look at to ensure you're not discriminating
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