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There's one simple way to make sure you're implementing all 26 EE changes...

by , 17 March 2016
If you're a designated employer (this is if you have 50 employees or more, and your company's turnover exceeds Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity (EE) Act), you have to comply with the Employment Equity Act. But with the 26 recent changes to the Act, and fines sitting at R2.7 million or 10% of your turnover you need to keep up to date and compliant....

And there's one simple way to do this. With an EE Audit - and it isn't as tedious as you think! It will help you avoid unnecessary and costly legal procedures or heavy penalties for non-compliance too.

Let me show you what to do below...

**Author recommends**
Revealed: The ONE checklist that'll show you if you're complying with all 26 changes to the Employment Equity Act... Use it to avoid business-crippling, non-compliance fines from the DoL

These changes affect how you:
•    Recruit new staff...
•    Train staff...
•    Pay your employees...
•    Do your EE reporting...
•    Do your EE plans...
•    And dozens of other areas of work you probably think EE doesn't effect.

If you don't comply with them, the DoL will be on your case...

11 Areas you must audit and implement to comply with Employment Equity

To comply fully with the Employment Equity Act, you must:

1. Make sure you consult your employees on EE in your company.

2. Check you're consulting on:
•    Conducting an EE analyses;
•    Preparation and implementation of your EE Plan; and
•    Reporting to Government.

3. Make sure you draft and implement an EE Plan.

4. Check to see you're reporting to Government by 1 October of each year for manual submission. If you submit your report electronically, you can submit by 15 January following the 1 October.
**Legal requirement**
Not displaying a summary of the EE Act in you workplace is punishable by law

It DOESN'T matter how many employees you might have! 1, 5 or 1000, the Labour Laws are crystal clear.

Either you follow them and everything is OK for you and your business, or you don't follow them and you along with your employees will bear the consequences. Do you feel like taking a chance?

Get your summary of the EE Act here...

Areas to audit continued…

5. Make sure your EE Plan and report are published and available for all employees to see.

6. Make sure you have a successive EE Plan. This is if your previous one is about to expire.

7. You have appointed a senior manager responsible for overseeing the EE Process.

8. All staff are informed about EE and your internal process to implement it.

9. You have all your records relating to your EE process on file.

10. You submit an Income Differential Statement.

11. You are complying with any Director General review you receive.

So, those are the 11 key areas you need to audit to make sure you're complying! If you aren't, you can get all the steps, answers and checklists to conduct the full audit in chapter E29: Employment Equity Audit in you Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook. Still not a subscriber? Click here now…

P.S. If you're a designated employer and don't implement employment equity, you could be fined R2.7 million or up to 10% of your annual turnover per incident. Don't take the chance...


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There's one simple way to make sure you're implementing all 26 EE changes...
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