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These five records will ensure you pass your EE inspection with flying colours!

by , 01 July 2015
As an employer who operates in South Africa, you have to comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act.

And our labour and hr experts have discovered one of the main reasons employers fail to comply with the EE Act, is they don't have the appropriate records in their EE file when the labour inspector comes for a visit.

This often leads to penalties of up to R2.7 million or 10% of their turnover.

Don't let this happen to you!

Keep reading to see the five records you need to have in your EE file to pass the labour inspection with flying colours...

Don't let the new Employment Equity amendments be the reason the DoL comes after you

There are still many employers who don't know exactly what the new 26 amendments are or even how to apply them.

If you employ more than 50 people or if your turnover is over the Employment Equity Act threshold for your industry, you need to comply with each and every one of them.

Click here to find out what you need to do to comply and avoid penalties from the DoL.

Use these records to pass your EE inspection

If the Department of labour does an EE inspection in your company, make sure you have these appropriate EE records:

1. Your current Employment Equity Plan
This is the signed copy of the current EE plan signed by the CEO. It's also a good idea to keep a copy of the previous Plans in the file, as well.

2. Records
Which show how your EE Plan has been communicated to all staff and where employees can freely view or copy your Plan.

3. EE nominations and acceptance
The file should contain the documentation related to the nomination and election of the members for the Employment Equity Committee as well as signed EE Member Acceptance Forms.

4. Appointment of EE Manager
The Employment Equity Manager must sign a letter appointing him to the position and accepting his responsibilities as the EE Manager. Also include a copy of his goals that clarify his responsibilities in terms of Employment Equity.

5. Employment Equity Committee Members
Keep a current list of EE Committee members on file. Remember to update the list each time a committee member is appointed or resigns.

There are actually 12 items you need to have in your EE file so the labour inspector doesn't penalise you. Turn to chapter E03: Employment equity unfair discrimination of your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook to see all the records you must have in your EE file. Don't have a copy yet? Click here…


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These five records will ensure you pass your EE inspection with flying colours!
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