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Top business organisations welcome the scrapping of the controversial employment equity regulation

by , 30 May 2014
Top business organisations have welcomed the decision by the Department of Labour (DoL) to remove a controversial employment equity regulation from its Employment Equity Act draft regulations.

The regulations, which had key role players up in arms, called for employers to use national demographics when hiring employees.

Read on to find out why top business organisations believe the move is good news.


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Here's why top business organisations believe the scrapping of the controversial employment equity regulation is good news

In an iol report, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says it welcomes the decision by the DoL.

The Chamber says the decision to withdraw the proposed clause had 'saved a great deal of time and money' in possible legal battles.

The director of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, Johan Kruger, also welcomed the withdrawal.

In the report, Kruger says while the centre recognised equality had yet to be achieved, the employment equity regulations would have had 'far-reaching negative implications for coloured South Africans in the Western Cape and for Indian South Africans in KwaZulu-Natal.'

We reported numerous times that DA leader and Western Cape premier, Helen Zille, strongly opposed the draft regulations. In fact, she was preparing to fight them in court.

She's also welcomed the news saying: 'If this is confirmed, we warmly welcome it, but we do so reservedly until we see the final regulations. But if the 'quota' clauses in the regulations have been withdrawn, that is a step in the right direction.'

While this decision is good news for you, just remember this one thing…


Your labour consultant could be wasting your money…

Don't get me wrong. Labour consultants are good to have and they definitely can help you out of an employment jam. But when it comes to employment contracts, company policies and procedures and disciplinary procedures and forms, why waste your money when you could have all of these at your fingertips, in a standard format, with your company logo on it?


You still need to comply with the Employment Equity Act

The removal of the controversial employment equity regulation doesn't mean you have to stop complying with your legal obligations when it comes to the Employment Equity Act.

That's right. You still have to obey the Act. This includes submitting your EE reports and fighting unfair discrimination. If you want more information on the Employment Equity Act or the Employment Equity Act draft regulations, ask our experts at the Labour & HR Club.

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Top business organisations welcome the scrapping of the controversial employment equity regulation
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