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Two additional benefits of empowering women in the workplace

by , 07 March 2014
If you think there's no place for women in the workplace, perhaps these two benefits of empowering women in the workplace will sway you to comply with the Employment Equity Act.

Empower women in your workplace and reap the following three benefits

In this article, we gave you three benefits of empowering women in the workplace.

We also told you to lookout for our next article on women empowerment. Now we're delivering on that promise.

Here are two more benefits of empowering women in the workplace

#1: Community Leadership

Small Business Chron says getting the word out about your company's women empowerment initiatives promotes the case for gender equality, it also means good publicity for your business.

The site says UN Women suggests you spread the word within your community about your commitment to inclusion and women's empowerment principles.

'Employers should partner with other businesses to advocate for gender equality and more opportunities for women. It's also important to recognise women who contribute and work in leadership roles within the community.'


We'll teach you how to implement Employment Equity in your company…


Here's one more compelling reason to empower women

#2: Increased sales

According to research by Corporate Citizenship and the Indian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR), investing in women's empowerment leads to increased sales.

The research conducted analysed global business initiatives on women's empowerment in emerging markets.

Results showed that engaging women in the distribution network in emerging markets, and targeting women as a potential consumer group, can help a company to increase its sales.

Authors of the research say Unilever provide a good example of a company with a strong track record on using its distribution network to spread local economic opportunity and increase sales.

In 2000, Unilever launched Project Shakti in India, in order to help women and create entrepreneurs.

Researchers say 'the initiative arose from the business need to reach the millions of potential consumers in remote villages where there are weak retail distribution networks and little advertising coverage.'

There you have it. Empowering women will not only help your company to succeed, but it'll also help ensure you're in line with the Employment Equity Act.

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Two additional benefits of empowering women in the workplace
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