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Urgent! Are you complying with EE requirements?

by , 10 July 2014
Every company must comply with the EE Act or face a fine of up to R2.7 million or 10% of your annual turnover.

To achieve equity in your company you need to ensure you don't discriminate against your employees.

Consider these six items so you aren't guilty of discrimination.


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Here are six items you need consider to make sure you are not discriminating against your employees.
  1. Birth: You can't refuse to hire a person based on how or where they were born.
  2. Beliefs: You need to make employee aware that they can have their own beliefs, as long as these don't interfere with their job. They also need to know you respect their beliefs.
  3. Conscience: Tell your employee what he will be required to do when you recruit. This will avoid issues where an employee refuses to do certain jobs because of conscientious objections.
  4. Ethnic and social origin: You can't reject employees because you believe they belong to the 'wrong' tribe, or the 'wrong' caste, or the 'wrong' clan.And you can't recruit employees based on their background. You must base it on his ability to do the job.
  5. Family responsibility: You can't discriminate against employees who have family responsibilities. For example, employees who have small children.
  6. Political opinion: You can't reject an employee because of his political opinion, unless this affects his ability to do his job.

To find out what the other 13 items are turn to E: 23 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management handbook.

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Urgent! Are you complying with EE requirements?
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