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Use these three guidelines to deal with workplace discrimination

by , 12 March 2014
Discrimination in the workplace is rife in South Africa. And the big question is: How do you deal with this practice? Here are three guidelines you can use...

Here's how to deal with discrimination in the workplace

In this article, we gave you three guidelines you can use to deal with discrimination in the workplace. Now we're going to give you three more…

#1: Don't play favorites. It's possible to discriminate when offering incentives to employees.

All Business.com says if you offer certain benefits to employees; make sure these perks are available to everyone. For instance, if you want to provide a flexible work arrangement for your older workers, avoid appearing discriminatory by being sure to offer this option to everyone.

#2: Respond quickly. If an employee expresses concern about possible workplace discrimination, do what you can in the shortest period of time to resolve the issue. Allowing it to linger will only add to your employee's anxiety and allow whatever may be occurring to continue, says the site.

'Establish a clear policy for yourself and others for dealing with the problem. Do some intelligence gathering by having an honest conversation with the person who has lodged the complaint. Who said what? What exactly happened? Who else was involved?' adds All Business.com.

Don't forget to talk to the person who has been accused. If you want to deal with the problem effectively, it's important that you get all sides to the story.


Your 6-step EE Plan

Here's a checklist with 14 ways to comply with Employment Equity.



#3: Present findings when you've investigated allegations of discrimination

Experts at FSP Business say once any allegation of discrimination is investigated, make sure the findings are discussed with all staff and even incorporated into your anti-discrimination policies.

'You can also involve employees by holding role-play sessions where they create clear examples of workplace discrimination to clarify any questions and bring to light any examples of workplace discrimination you've missed.'

Using these guidelines will help you curb discrimination in your workplace.

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Use these three guidelines to deal with workplace discrimination
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