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Use these three tips to avoid discrimination against pregnant employees in your workplace

by , 17 March 2014
Shocking but true: In 2014, women are still being treated unfairly because they're pregnant or because of medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth. Some employers still believe that a pregnant woman isn't capable of performing efficiently at work. But you need to make sure you banish this kind of thinking in your workplace. Pregnancy discrimination is unlawful. Here are three tips you can use to avoid pregnancy discrimination.

To avoid pregnancy discrimination in your workplace, use these three tips

In this article, we told you about pregnancy discrimination. We highlighted that this form of discrimination is totally unacceptable in the workplace.

Since prevention is better than cure, we're now going to give you three tips you can use to ensure pregnancy discrimination doesn't happen in your workplace.


We'll teach you how to implement Employment Equity in your company…


Three tips to help you avoid pregnancy discrimination in your workplace

Tip#1: HR Fuel says you must be proactive and establish a written policy that prohibits discrimination against employees for medical reasons, including pregnancy discrimination.

You must outline how you'll deal with, for example, managers who contravene this policy. In addition, have clear procedures that employees who have been discriminated must follow.

Tip#2: The site recommends you educate all employees, especially supervisors and managers, regarding the intention of the policy and the appropriate steps to take in handling concerns about medical situations that may be considered safety factors in the workplace.

Tip#3: The Equal Opportunities Commission advises you to inform pregnant employees of their rights and responsibilities in relation to maternity and sick leave.

You may recall that in South Africa, pregnant employees are entitled to at least four consecutive months' maternity leave. So make sure your employees are aware of this and when to take maternity leave.

There you have it. Using these tips will help ensure you avoid pregnancy discrimination in your workplace.

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Use these three tips to avoid discrimination against pregnant employees in your workplace
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