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Use these three tips to help you comply with the amended EE Act

by , 03 September 2014
As you know, the amended Employment Equity Act (EE Act) came into effect on the 1st of August 2014.

Since then, our experts have been inundated with questions from employers who want to know how to comply the amended Act.

Our experts have heard your pleas.

Today, we reveal three of their tips to help you comply with the Act and avoid penalties of up to R2.7 million...

Avoid harsh penalties by using these three tips to comply with the EE Act

Tip #1: Conduct a full in-house EE audit

If you have the time and the available resources, conducting full in-house EE audit is the best way to ensure you implement the changes quickly and decisively, say the experts behind the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

A full EE audit will highlight exactly where you need to make changes to your EE initiatives or where your EE Plan requires more detailed information.

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There are 26 changes to Employment Equity Act you must comply with in 2014...

If you don't comply with them, the DoL will be on your case.

In fact, the DoL could fine you 10% of your turnover or up to R2.7 million!

Discover how to check if you're complying with all of them to avoid crippling DoL fines.


Tip #2: Get your EE Committee involved

Three or more heads are better than one.

If you don't have the manpower or the time to tackle all of these changes yourself, get your EE Committee involved.

You can give them time to evaluate your company's EE compliance in their area and get each of them to report back at the next committee meeting with findings and recommendations.

Tip #3: Focus on your EE Plan
One of the key changes in the amended Act is about your EE Plan.

Our experts say you need to make sure that your new EE Plan contains the detailed information that the new amendments require and once your EE Plan is up and running, you can switch your focus to ensuring the compliance that goes with it.'

We recommend you checkout this article. It contains the six guidelines you must follow to draw up your EE Plan.

There you have it. Using these three tips will go a long way towards ensuring you comply with the EE Act so you can avoid penalties.

Find out how to implement the new EE Act changes here.

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Use these three tips to help you comply with the amended EE Act
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