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Use this checklist to help ensure you're fully compliant with the Employment Equity Act

by , 03 February 2017
Do you have 50 or more employees in your company? Or is your company's annual turnover higher than Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity Act?

If so, then you're labelled a 'designated employer'. And with that label comes a lot of legal responsibilities, the most important of which is to comply fully with the Employment Equity Act.

If you don't comply with it completely, then you'll face heavy non-compliance penalties, alongside costly legal procedures for you and your business. These can range from R1.5 million, for first offences, with an extra R300 000 for successive offences, all the way through to R2.7 million!

What's more is that you could even have 10% of your company's annual turnover taken right away from you for non-compliance!

So the message is clear: You have to comply with the Employment Equity Act! And to help you on the right track, I have set up a quick checklist with 10 questions. Make sure you can answer all of them.

Keep reading to find out what they are...


Revealed: The ONE checklist that'll show you if you're complying with all 26 changes to the Employment Equity Act...

Use it to avoid business-crippling, non-compliance fines from the DoL


Use this checklist to help ensure you're fully compliant with the Employment Equity Act…


Do you consult with your employees on:
·         Conducting an EE analysis;
·         The preparation and implementation of your EE Plan; and
·         Reporting to Government?

Have you drafted and implemented an EE Plan?

Do you report to Government each year before the 1st of October for manual submissions, and by the 15th of January following the 1st of October for electronic submissions?

Do you publish your Employment Equity Plan, and Report, for all of your employees to see?

Do you draft a successive Employment Equity Plan once the previous one has expired?

Keep reading to see the rest of the checklist…

Have you assigned a senior manager who'll be responsible for overseeing the Employment Equity process?

Have you informed your staff about Employment Equity, alongside how you'll implement it?

Do you keep all records linked to your Employment Equity Process?

Have you submitted an Income Differential Statement?

Do you comply with the Director-General Reviews?

*In order to ensure that you're complying with the Employment Equity Act, you need to be able to answer 'YES' to all ten questions in the checklist above.

If you want to learn more details on complying with the Employment Equity Act, simply get your copy of the Labour Law for Managers now!

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Use this checklist to help ensure you're fully compliant with the Employment Equity Act
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