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Use this checklist to make sure you implement all the EEA amendments

by , 30 September 2014
Government is serious about transformation in the workplace and it's walking the talk too.

By now, you know it's amended the Employment Equity Act (EEA) extensively and that the amended Act became effective on 1 August 2014.

Because many sections of the Act have been amended, today we'll give you a useful checklist that'll help ensure you implement all the EEA amendments and don't leave anything out.

Take a look at the checklist below so you can get in line with the changes and avoid non compliance penalties that run into millions of rand.

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There are 26 changes to Employment Equity Act you must comply with in 2014...

If you don't comply with them, the DoL will be on your case.

In fact, the DoL could fine you 10% of your turnover or up to R2.7 million!

Discover how to check if you're complying with all of them to avoid crippling DoL fines.



Here's a checklist to help you implement the changes required by the Employment Equity Amendment Act, No. 47 of 2013

Read these questions and if you answer 'yes', you're on the right track.

1. Unfair discrimination/unfair terms and conditions of employment
  • Have you updated your Code of Conduct and disciplinary procedures to include 'any other arbitrary ground' as an additional factor when determining unfair discrimination?
  • Have you updated your dispute resolution policies and procedures to include your employees' rights to refer a dispute to the CCMA if it involves alleged sexual harassment or if they earn less than the minimum earnings threshold?
2. Remuneration
  • Can you justify the difference in earnings between employees who are doing similar jobs or similar value work?
3. Employment equity planning and reporting
  • Have you prepared your EE Plan?
  • Does your EE Plan comply with all the compliance assessment criteria?
  • Did you become a designated employer after April this year? (If you did, you only have to submit your first report by next year October).
4. EE compliance assessment criteria
  • Can you prove that you've:
  1. Taken reasonable steps to train suitably qualified people from designated groups?
  2. Taken reasonable steps to implement your employment equity plan?
  3. Made reasonable progress to eliminate employment barriers that adversely affect people from designated groups? And
  4. Taken reasonable steps to appoint and promote suitably qualified people from designated groups?
Use this checklist to ensure you implement all the EEA amendments and avoid harsh penalties.

Find out how to implement the new EE Act changes here.

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Use this checklist to make sure you implement all the EEA amendments
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