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What does the Employment Equity Act say about disability in the workplace?

by , 07 March 2014
People with disabilities are one of the marginalised groups in society. It's for this reason that the Employment Equity Act (EE Act) has put measures in place to help address this. Here's what the Act says about disability in the workplace.

The Employment Equity Act of 1998 has this to say about disability in the workplace

My Wage says about five million South Africans are disabled. This is around one in ten South Africans.

'Despite this, less than 1% of all people employed in this country are those with disabilities.'

This is definitely not in line with what the EE Act stands for when it comes to people with disabilities.

Firstly, the EE Act defines people with disabilities as people who have a long-term or recurring physical or mental impairment which substantially limits their prospects of entry into, or advancement in employment, says My Wage.

This means people with disabilities are protected by the EE Act.

The EE Act essentially protects people with disabilities against unfair discrimination and entitles them to affirmative action measures.

The sad thing is, sometimes South African laws are only good on paper. People with disabilities still get discriminated.

'Unfortunately, ignorance, fear and stereotypes cause people with disabilities to be unfairly discriminated against. As a result, people with disabilities experience high unemployment levels,' says My Wage.

Don't let this happen in your workplace. You must comply with the EE Act by targeting people with disabilities when recruiting and you must take steps to reasonably accommodate them in your workplace.

Now that you know what the EE Act says about disability in the workplace, make sure you comply. Remember, ignorance of the law is never an excuse. The Department of Labour will be watching you closely especially now that there are new changes to the EE Act.

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What does the Employment Equity Act say about disability in the workplace?
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