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20 Items you need in your first aid kit to ensure your First Aiders can attend to employee injuries

by , 12 May 2015
According to the OHS Act, you need to make sure your employees receive quick first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency. And you also have to appoint a First Aider for every 10 employees.

He must have access to a fully-equipped first aid kit to be able to deal with emergencies.

Read on to find out what you should include in your first aid kit...

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What you must include in your first aid kits

Below is a list of the bare minimum you need to include in your first aid kit:

1.    Wound cleaner with antiseptic (100ml);
2.    Cotton wool for padding (100g);
3.    Sterile gauze (minimum of 10);
4.    Tweezers (for splinters);
5.    Scissors (1 pair);
6.    Triangular bandages (at least 4);
7.    Roller bandages (1 roll of 75mm x 5m);
8.    Roller bandages (1 roll of 100mm x 5m);
9.    Roll of elastic adhesive (25mm x 3m); and
10.     Non-allergenic adhesive strips (1 roll of 25mm x 3m).

To efficiently and effectively deal with injuries, read on for what we recommend you to also have in your first aid kits…
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10 Items we recommend you include in your first aid kits

11.     Packet of adhesive dressing strips (minimum quantity of 10 assorted sizes);
12.     First aid dressings (Four 75mm x 100mm);
13.     First aid dressings (Four 150mm x 200mm);
14.     Straight splints (minimum of 2);
15.     Large and medium pairs of disposable latex gloves (at least 2 of each);
16.     CPR mouth pieces or similar devices (at least 2 of each);
17.     An adequate supply of absorbent material for the absorption of blood and other body fluids spilled
18.     Disinfectant to disinfect the area after cleaning up blood and other body fluids spilled.
19.     Large and medium disposable rubber household gloves (at least 2); and
20.     A suitable sized impervious bag for the safe disposal of blood and other body fluid contaminated biohazard materials.

Don't forget that your first aid box or boxes must be available and accessible! If your first aiders haven't had training, invest in Emergency First Aid Planning to prepare them for any workplace emergency.

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20 Items you need in your first aid kit to ensure your First Aiders can attend to employee injuries
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