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23 topics you must cover during health and safety induction training for your construction site

by , 02 February 2015
Whether your construction site is big or small, you have to give every new employee health and safety induction training.

This training needs to cover the basics of your health and safety rules and procedures.

But this doesn't mean you can just cover the main points and send your new employees out to work. There are actually 23 topics you need to cover in your health and safety induction training.

Today I'm going to show you what they are...

Include these 23 topics in your health and safety induction training

  1. Your health, safety and environmental policy;
  2. Project specific conditions/requirements. These are the rules for the specific project your employees are working on. Depending on what and where it is, these may change;
  3. Emergency evacuation and fire;
  4. Who to call if there are problems (mechanic or electrician);
  5. The different health and safety staff in your company;
  6. Signing in and out of site. This helps safety officers make sure no one goes missing;
  7. Where the toilets, lunchroom and first aid station are;
  8. Cleaning up (housekeeping rules);
  9. Environment and waste disposal;
  10. Standard site rules;
  11. Signs on site;
  12. Drugs and alcohol;
  13. The use of radios and cell phones at work;
  14. Safe behaviour;
  15. Personal protective equipment (PPE);
  16. Machines and equipment;
  17. Working at height;
  18. Labour-intensive tasks;
  19. Plant operation;
  20. Vehicles on site;
  21. Asbestos;
  22. Vibration; and
  23. Accident reporting.
It's vital you cover these 23 topics in your health and safety induction training. Your employees have to understand the rules and know how to keep themselves safe.
To make sure they understand, stick to these ten rules.
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Stick to these ten rules when you do your safety induction training to make sure your employees understand

  1. Find a good location away from noise and distraction. For example, choose a quite office where employees can concentrate on the training;
  2. Don't rush it or try drag it out. Set and stick to an even pace that employees can follow easily;
  3. Make sure everyone can hear you. Check at the beginning of the training whether everyone can hear you so you can adjust your voice if needed;
  4. Make eye contact with your employees;
  5. Grab attention early on. This helps employees stay focused and absorb what you're saying;
  6. Be confident but avoid confrontation. If an employee tries to argue a point in the training, tell him you can discuss it afterwards;
  7. Keep to the point and stick to your plan;
  8. Keep it simple;
  9. It's okay to make jokes to put employees at ease but don't make light of serious points; and
  10. Keep a record of content and attendees. All your employees must sign a register to prove they attended and completed their training.
Sticking to these rules will help you explain and discuss all 23 topics in a way your employees understand easily.
You can find a tailor-made training manual that covers these topics in Induction Training 101.

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23 topics you must cover during health and safety induction training for your construction site
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