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A crucial lesson you can learn from Table Mountain's health and safety management system upgrade

by , 20 March 2015
Don't lag behind. The best way to avoid risks at any costs is to have a fully up-to-date health and safety management policy!

For this to happen, you need to keep your health and safety training current, make sure you've chosen qualified health and safety representatives and accept nothing less than professionalism in this field.

Here's a study case on public safety management developed by Table Mountain that serves as a great example of the importance of upgrading your health and safety management system.

Table Mountain upgraded it's health and safety management system – so should you

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway (TMAC) has been transporting people to the summit of Table Mountain since 1929. Although the scenery hasn't changed much, the number of visitors, the risks, and the value of their safety and security have all increased.
And that's why it recently upgraded it's health and safety management system.

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In 85 years, over 24 million people have used the cableway, according to sheqafrica.com.

'The volume of visitors requires that operational management has to be exceptional. Traffic control, parking control, queue management, grounds management, security, retail management and food and beverage management all form part of our risk management,' explains Meycom project director Andrew Briton.

This means that the surveillance system has to support all of these processes in an integrated manner. Moreover, the analogue safety and security system installed to monitor the cableway was no longer providing the information necessary to effectively secure and manage the sites.

This called for urgent measures. And a decision was reached that the Occupational and public safety management needed to be integrated.

According to the source, the surveillance solution is now used beyond the initial scope.

Dedicated staff has been employed to prevent theft or any other safety incidents and they are working in an integrated operational and public safety management system.

Moreover, the footage is also scrutinised as a management tool to assist with operational issues such as queue length and traffic control.

This is a good example of how a safety system upgrade should be put in place.

According to sheqafrica.com, cableway operational staff required control board visuals in a closed shaft at the Top Station and now they use an AXIS T90C Fixed Dome IR-LED, an infra-red illuminator that enables the cameras to deliver quality images in darkness, and to monitor the various control indicator lights from the Lower Station.

PTZ network cameras assist with security and traffic and visitor control. Compact HDTV network cameras are integrated with the point-of-sale software to ensure the integrity of the retail data.

The public safety management upgrade was overseen by Diversified Security Engineering's Nigel Versfeld.  
Table Mountain's safety system upgrade is a good example for anyone responsible for their company's health and safety management system. It shows how modern technology can be used to save lives.

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