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A mouse pad could cost you thousands if you don't apply these three ergonomic principles in your office

by , 10 April 2015
A simple thing like a mouse pad could cause a serious injury to your employees. Sounds silly, right?

But, if your employees' wrists don't get proper support when they're using a mouse, they could develop health problems associated with MSD(Musculoskeletal Disorders)!

Managing the ergonomics in your office needs to be a top priority. Because the last thing you need is to lose production due to avoidable employee injuries!

We're going to explain three ergonomic principles you can train your employees to apply to reduce these risks. And save you money.

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Apply these three ergonomic principles and prevent injuries

Principle 1: Maintain Neutral Posture
Sounds easy, but how many of us sit at our desks as though we're in a yoga class?

The body needs to be in line and balanced while sitting or standing. By aligning the joints, the body isn't under stress. The opposite is where the problem comes in; it's called an awkward posture which affects the wrists, elbows, shoulders and back.

Neutral postures minimise the stress applied to muscles, tendons and nerves.

Train your employees on how to sit. And sit properly with a straight back and neck. And remind them that slouching over the PC is a big no no.

Principle 2: Work within the comfort zone
When it comes to office safety, this is super important. The comfort zone is where the arms and back can lift the most with the least amount of effort.

When employees work within this zone, you're making sure that they're working from proper heights and reaches, which reduces MSD risk factors and allows for more efficient and pain-free work.

This makes life a bit easier for your Health & Safety Representative. Because when he notices employees reaching for things at a height or too far away from them, he'll know they're out of their comfort zone. You should really look into getting him trained properly in his role. Once he is, he'll be able to run with these types of projects without holding your hand.

Principle 3: Stretch it out
Moving is what the body's designed to do. So with your employees sitting all day, their muscles get lazy. This then results in muscular disorders.

So what do you do? Encourage them to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

How about setting an alarm every hour? Get them to stretch the shoulders, back, and legs. And why not throw in a few squats too? Don't forget those hard-working fingers and wrists.

Although everyone might be thinking you've lost the plot, you've just saved the day! Your employees stay healthy, production is optimized. And your company saves money!

Make sure you include these ergonomic principles in your risk assessments and risk audit!

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A mouse pad could cost you thousands if you don't apply these three ergonomic principles in your office
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