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A successful toolbox talk requires the right environment. Here's how to create it

by , 29 September 2014
If you want to give your employees the best toolbox talks possible, you need to do it in a space where they're comfortable and not distracted.

Otherwise, your employees will spend more time looking out the window and shifting in their chairs than listening.

The good news is it's easy to create the right kind of environment for your toolbox talks.

All you have to do is follow this simple guide...


Use this simple guide to create the right environment for your toolbox talks

First, choose a room that's big enough to fit everyone in. After all, it's hard to concentrate when you feel like the person next to you is sitting on your lap. 
You should also be careful about choosing a room with windows. Natural light is good but if employees can stare out the window they may not listen to you. 
If you have a room with windows that are set near the ceiling this will give you the natural light without the distractions.
Next, choose comfortable chairs (but not too comfortable). You don't want employees to feel so comfy they doze off. And you don't want them to be so uncomfortable they can't concentrate. 
There's one more thing you need to do to create the right environment for your toolbox talks.
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Are these questions keeping you up at night?
Did I train all my employees? 
Did I train them on every health and safety topic they need to know? 
How would I know what topics I need to train them on?

Here's one last thing you must do to create the right toolbox talk environment

With all OHS training, it's important to get your employees to engage and actively listen. You need to be energetic to create an environment which makes employees want to listen, respond and engage.
This is all about how you conduct the talk. 
Follow this guide and you'll have no problems creating an environment that'll help employees listen, focus, engage and learn during your toolbox talks.

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A successful toolbox talk requires the right environment. Here's how to create it
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